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PROINAL RESOD adjustable bed bases create the ideal
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environment to rest the mind and restore the body. Flexibility, comfort and usefulness are the most important features of our product range.

This slatted bed base made of highly resistant layered beechwood together with flexible rubber cues, turn this unique product in Romania into the perfect frame for spring, latex or memory foam mattresses.

The bed base also has different slat areas for different areas of our bodies (head, back, lumbar, feet) for the most comfortable rest.
The movement of an adjustable bed is controlled entirely by its frame. When flat, an adjustable bed generally looks like any other bed.
But when "articulated" (i.e., bent), an adjustable bed can take on many different positions.
An adjustable bed with "two-point articulation" is one that folds in two separate places, dividing the bed into 3 sections — head, foot and middle — each of which can be elevated and/or angled to achieve the desired position.

We have designed and created three types of bed bases, suitable for your needs which will finally give you the comfort and tranquility you were looking for.


Our bed bases are made of layered beechwood with curved beechwood slats and flexible rubber supports for the slats. Each bed base is composed of 4 beechwood legs, each having 55mm thickness and 250 mm length.
Ecologic bed base
ECO-SIENEL bed base
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The standard dimensions for our bed bases are:

At our customer´s request we can produce any desired dimension.
Fixed bed base
Fixed bed base
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Manual articulated bed base
Manual articulated bed base
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Electric articulated bed base
Electric articulated bed base
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