» Tranform your Bedroom into a Tranquil and Comfortable Retreat!Proinal Resod products

The choice of slatted bed bases is the first step towards a peaceful and refreshing rest.
You can choose between slatted, tapestried or spring bed bases.
Our slatted bed bases offer a firm support.

Combine our slatted bed bases with spring, foam or latex mattresses.
If you like resting on a foam memory or latex mattress, then the slatted bed base is the best option as a spring bed base would damage the mattress which would lead to losing the warranty offered by the producer.

The tapestried bed base is covered with fabric or faux leather which prevents the mattress from being damaged.
The spring bed base is made of a spring base structure fixed on a wooden frame and covered by highly resistant fabric. This type of bed base is suitable for spring base elastic structure.

Fixed bed base
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