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» Tranform your Bedroom into a Tranquil and Comfortable Retreat!About Proinal Resod

With a long experience in producing adjustable bed bases in Spain, our company has made bed bases for famous international brands from countries such as France, Germany and Belgium, where iron bed bases have been replaced by layered beechwood, well-known for its flexibility and ergonomic qualities, making it the perfect support for any mattress type.

The domestic market demand and our desire to introduce the new bed base concept which revolutionizes the old bed frame made of wood or veneer, have made us expand our activity in Romania as well.

In the near future we intend to launch the new articulated bed base with cost-effective engine for those wishing more comfort.
Technology and innovation meet once again in the bed bases we create, for the best rest, essential for a healthy life.

Whether you need an adjustable bed to ease discomfort and allow for better rest, or you want to be able to comfortably work in bed or watch a movie, we offer multiple options to give you the most innovative, efficient and convenient solutions for bed frames, and manual or electric adjustable bed frames.
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